In Subcolony, you play the role of a submarine captain given the task of saving humanity by colonizing the depths of the ocean following a post-apocalyptic event that left the surface uninhabitable.


-Destroy and scavenge other subs for parts.

-When your load capacity is reached, unload parts at the loading area.

-The marine life carry parts, too.



WASD to move

J to shoot

K to dash

I to launch missiles

L to unload


DPAD/Left Analog to move

SQUARE/X to shoot

CROSS/A to dash

TRIANGLE/Y to launch missiles

CIRCLE/B to unload


-All assets were not pre-made. They were all made by me in the duration of the jam.

-Sound effects were pulled from non-copyright sounds from YouTube and heavily edited to suit the game's atmosphere.

This is my first ever game jam and there was so much more to this game that I wanted to add. It's unfortunate that I wasn't able to fully realize this game. 

But anyways, thank you very much for playing. :)


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Great potential for you first jam. Game rated & enjoyed!


Thank you so much for playing the game. Great to hear that you enjoyed. ;)

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You're welcome. Come check my game when you have time.